The SERVIEW Workbook Principle® – Entertaining, Exciting, Effective

Our training motto is: Edutainment instead of PowerPoint – stimulating cooperation instead of boring lectures! Training only works if it is fun. That’s why at SERVIEW you will experience groundbreaking training courses that both motivate and inspire. Dull lectures and boredom are strictly forbidden. We have been relentlessly pursuing this goal since 2002.

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In our PRINCE2® training courses, the trainer develops all content together with the participants. Comprehensible, humorous and at just the right pace. The course materials include descriptive flipcharts and workbooks developed by us.

No Chance of Boredom - Training without PowerPoint

The most ardent advocates of PowerPoint have always been the presenters, but not the listeners. Monotonous, lifeless slides full of unnecessary linguistic monstrosities result in inspiring content degenerating into barren word deserts. Text on slides hinders emotion, is exhausting and kills any excitement – which is absurd because it is these very emotions that securely anchor what we have learned in our minds. This is now a thing of the past. With the unique SERVIEW Workbook Principle® we conquer the PowerPoint monster once and for all!

Supplement, Understand, Internalize - Working with the SERVIEW Workbook

With the SERVIEW Workbook Principle®, you become an active participant in the course. An integral part of our training concept is the lively interaction between the workbook and the flipchart. For lively communication, our workbooks consist of both “finished” and “unfinished” pages. The unfinished pages show drawings and explanations that are incomplete at the start of training. By using a flipchart, trainers have exactly the same content in front of them.

You complete your unfinished pages during the trainer-guided training. The trainer explains and completes the content on the flipchart while all participants fill in their workbooks. The trainers use simple messages and clear everyday examples. By taking notes about the lesson content yourself in constant dialogue with the trainer, you develop and consolidate your knowledge of PRINCE2 with a very personal touch. The finished pages of the workbook with fully described drawings and explanations serve as additional information.

By having both the trainer and participants complete the respective content together, we deliberately shape the pace of the training. There is enough time for reflection and documentation. In contrast to quickly-read slide notes, the SERVIEW Workbook Principle® creates a learning pace that is coordinated on both sides. This makes the training efficient and goal-oriented without being too demanding – and there’s no shortage of fun either!