About us

We are fearless. We are competent. We don’t shy away from challenges. We are SERVIEW. For 20 years, we, as a specialized management consultancy, have been training, advising and inspiring outstanding IT organizations to achieve top performance.

With targeted impulses and bold ideas, we bring real-life service management, agile working methods and effective project management into the world. We successfully pass on our knowledge according to the unique SERVIEW Workbook Principle® – because training only works when it’s fun. That’s why our training motto is: Edutainment instead of PowerPoint – motivating interaction instead of boring lectures. With us you will experience groundbreaking training, the learning effect of which will motivate you to achieve peak performance. Every year we train over 10,000 enthusiastic participants. You too can go one step further with us – for a noticeable boost in your career.

  • Power of innovation that inspires – With the unique SERVIEW Workbook Principle®, we achieve long-term learning effects in all our trainings.
  • Engaging authenticity – We guarantee 100% SERVIEW in our trainings thanks to only permanent employees and self-developed content.
  • Highest quality – Over 8,000 written reviews prove maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Unique reliability – Out trainings take place on a guaranteed date, without compromise.
  • Decisive experience – Over 150,000 training participants and more than 70,000 consulting days since 2002 along with various official accreditations make us masters of our trade.

You are at the heart of it all

Bringing you further is at the heart of our mission. We build genuine relationships with our customers and nurture them conscientiously – because your success is our job.

Respect and trust

A long-term, trusting relationship with our customers is important to us – respectfully and on an equal footing. This is the only way we can overcome all challenges together and strengthen your business.

Sensible solutions

We don’t want to sell blindly, we want to help. That’s why we work intensively with you as a customer, listen carefully and gain a comprehensive overview of your situation. Our job is to provide consistent solutions instead of mindless sales.

Outstanding SKILLS

All our employees fight for your success with courage and focus. They are both consultants and relationship managers who are always there to give you advice and support.

Measurable success

Our fearless pursuit of ambitious goals will move you forward. We develop all success concepts together with you, tailored to your individual situation. This is how we pave your way to ever better performance.