Ready for anything: SERVIEW exam insurance

Face your exam relaxed and focused: With SERVIEW exam insurance, you can ensure that all tests in your training will be completed successfully. If you fail, you can retake all of the exams included in the training once free of charge.

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This way, you not only protect yourself against the financial risk of having to pay for the exam again, but you also gain a whole new level of security because every exam presents an individual challenge. Those who know that they have nothing to lose have less stage fright – and can fully focus on the exam. The exam insurance price is based on the exam fees and varies depending on the training.

An example:

If you take the PRINCE2 Foundation with exam insurance for €49.00 and fail the exam, you don’t have to pay another €225.00 exam fee. If you retake the exam, you save €176.00 with exam insurance – that’s more than 80%.